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In honor of the Web’s 15th birthday, which passed a short while ago, The Guardian provides a list of 15 websites that changed the world. (via kottke)

There are not a lot of these to quarrel with really. Can you really remember when you actually had to physically visit a bookstore and make a special order of something obscure rather than just visiting

My only quarrels would be with the U.K.-centric nature of some of these choices. So I thought I’d try to locate their U.S. equivalents (which probably predated most of these even though they likely haven’t changed the life of anyone in the U.K.)
  • 6. – This site didn’t debut until 1999, and I’m reasonably sure that pre-dated that, even though it certainly hasn’t changed my world.
  • 15. – Launching in 1995, this one actually has a claim to the title. I can’t recall any U.S. sites that allowed air travel to be booked on the Internet this early. This first U.S. site of this kind was probably Travelocity.
Of course, if it were my list, I’d probably add the Metafilter sites and Flickr to the list.

Anyone have any other complaints or additions to the list?

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