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#2 – Neko Case: Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

This is where this list gets really, really tough. In almost any other year, this would easily be the top album of the year for me. Not that settling in at number two is such a bad thing. Although this album came out early in the year, it has constantly stayed in my rotation.

On Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, Neko Case sings more abstract songs than she has in the past, but the songs don’t suffer at all. In fact, they are more suited to her unique vocal talents. You don’t get distracted too much trying to discern some sort of narrative to the song. Instead you get caught up in the pure power of her voice and the music itself.

Neko case is today’s Patsy Cline. You can’t listen to her music without being utterly captivated by The Voice. Why Nashville, caught in its own navel-gazing, doesn’t notice stumps me.

When I saw her live earlier this year, a friend of mine was attending her first Neko Case show. I could literally see her break out in goosebumps when Neko belted out her first notes supporting Kelly Hogan. This album showcases that voice at its best. I certainly hope that she doesn’t totally abandon The New Pornographers, but I still look forward to many other albums from her like this.

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