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#5 – Band of Horses: Everything All the Time

Now to the top 5 albums of 2006 with an album per post. I will wrap the list up by the end of the week. In this spot we have Seattle’s Band of Horses release, Everything All the Time. This album has much going for it. It fulfills the promise shown by their earlier EPs, as well as an unexpected maturation of their sound. This record taps the same roots of inspiration as My Morning Jacket, with soaring guitars and epic sounds—sounds that flirt with being bombastic, only on this record, they work. The songwriting at times evokes R.E.M.’s obscure phases, but when something sounds so good, it’s just silly to quibble over storylines or narrative from the lyrics.

Nobody will call Band of Horses pioneers in this sound—that distinction belongs to bands like Wilco and My Morning Jacket—but they have discovered a way to make a damn listenable album nonetheless. Sometimes the firstest isn’t always the bestest.

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