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It’s December, so everyone who is anyone in the blogsphere is doing their end of lists. Even though I’m not an A-List music blogger [Ed. Note: More like the J-List], I’m no exception.

Unlike last year, however, I’m not going to just throw out what I thought were the best albums of the year. In keeping with the spirit of my Friday Music Report, I thought I would start with those albums that I actually listened to the most over the last year (all stats by So without further ado, here are the albums I listened to the most over the last year:
  1. Elvis Costello & The AttractionsGet Happy!!
  2. Yeah Yeah YeahsShow Your Bones
  3. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadSource Tags & Codes
  4. PylonHits
  5. The Hold SteadySeparation Sunday (3)
  6. Billy BraggBack to Basics
  7. Echo & the BunnymenEcho & the Bunnymen
  8. The NationalAlligator (2)
  9. SwervedriverJuggernaut Rides ’89-’98
  10. Sufjan StevensIllinoise (9)

The numbers in parentheses indicate where I had these albums ranked in my year-end list last year. Wow, I would never have guessed I listened to Elvis Costello that much, but as I’ve said before, my iPod does have a seeming affinity to Mr. McManus’s work. Interestingly, only one album from this year made the list, so you can probably make the assumption that you’ll be seeing more about it in a week or so.

In the coming days, I’ll continue this list fest with a list of the best concerts I saw over the last 12 months, and then begin counting down albums (only a dozen this year).

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