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Since Friday is all about music here at Flannel Enigma, I thought it would be appropirate to bring you Blender’s 50 Worst Things Ever to Happen to Music:
49. That dude that yells “Freebird” at every rock show

. . .

40. Parrotheads
For millions, Jimmy Buffett isn’t just a guy who writes songs about putzing around the Caribbean — he’s a shining symbol of the “good life.” That so few of them will get any closer to this life than hanging out in a dank bar called The Banana Boat, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, sipping a frozen daiquiri and waiting for their turn to karaoke “Margaritaville” is monumentally depressing.
I won’t give away any of the top 10. Some of it makes sense.

NP: “Coldsweat” – The Sugarcubes”

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