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In honor of today’s nefarious date, I thought I’d point you to a list of the numbers of the beast.

I wonder what Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins are thinking today. Perhaps they are checking the rapture index to see if they need to start looking skyward.

Maybe everyone should just step back and realize that the way we abbreviate our dates have nothing to do with John of Patmos. June 6, 2006 doesn’t look nearly nefarious now does it. Heck, if it weren’t for calendar reform, it would be June 20 anyway.

Of course, rational thought and religious fundametalists in the pre-millenial dispensational mode don’t really go together now do they.

UPDATE: Of course, it’s actually National Yo-Yo Day… what could be satanic about that I ask you.

NP: “99th Dream” – Swervedriver

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