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The Times of London has a very nice story about FC St. Pauli, a third division team in the German Bundesliga. The team, from the St. Pauli district of Hamburg, has had a special place in my heart (as my second team I suppose) ever since I first encountered their jersey with the Jack Daniels’ sponsorship in a department store in Hamburg. Learning some of the details that the article relates only made them more attractive. What’s not to like about a club whose unofficial emblem is the Jolly Roger?

Although they are currently in the third division, but they a real shot at being promoted to the second division this year and, improbably, are in the semifinals of the German cup after defeated Hertha Berlin last month. They face Werder Bremen next Wednesday, and even though they’ll be major underdogs, I’ll be pulling for them.

NP: “Sour Times” – Portishead

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