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Arsenal 0 – 0 Real Madrid (1-0 aggregate). Arsenal are the only English team to advance. They played magnificently, and the score should have been 4 or 5 to nil on aggregate. They attacked magnificently in both legs, but their defense provided a the steel that allowed Arsenal to advance. I was stymied again by work in combination with ESPN, who decided to play the World Baseball Classic instead. If you are really interested, they’ll be replaying the match at midnight.

In the next round, Arsenal will have to face Barcelona, Villareal, Benfica, AC Milan, Juventus, Lyon, or Ajax or Inter Milan. I’ll have an update once the draw occurs. I don’t relish playing Juventus much though, since it’s the new home for Patrick Viera, last season’s captain at Arsenal.

In other news, both Chelsea and Liverpool were knocked out of the competition.

UPDATE: Crap! It’s Juventus. I didn’t really want to see Patrick Viera return to Highbury this way.

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