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A couple of months ago, K. saw a show on the local PBS station about barbecue restaurants in the Atlanta area. She even tracked down the webpage dedicated to the show and printed out. So, what else were we to do. We like eating. We especially like eating barbecue. We had to try them all. Who knows, this quest will likely takes us far beyond Atlanta—we’ll be passing right by Carolina Barbecue of Statesville, North Carolina, next week.

After some hemming and hawing trying to figure out how to approach such a quest, I figured the seat of the pants of the approach was best, and without much planning or strategy, we headed up to Pig ‘N Chik barbecue on Roswell Road in Atlanta. I can’t report on what my companion(s) may have eaten, but I decided to best report this (and find the best barbecue for me) that I would be systematic: I would order pulled pork with coleslaw and potato salad as my sides. Pretty much the perfect barbecue meal.

On to the version of this meal at Pig ‘N Chik. The pulled pork was fantastic. It had a really nice smoky flavor that was accentuated very well by their spicy, vinegar based sauce. This was definitely the highlight of the meal. The ‘tater [sic] salad, on the other hand, was not in my wheelhouse. While it looked like southern style potato salad, it lacked a certain zing. Of course, I’m doomed to compare every version of potato salad to my mother’s, but this came up severely lacking. The coleslaw was serviceable, but not outstanding.

Overall grade? B. Solid, but not exceptional all around. I’d still recommend it for the pork alone.

[Ed. Note: I realize that my inaugural food & drink post is late, but I’m still adjusting and busy.]

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