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Continuing our quest to find the best barbecue in Atlanta (first part), K. and I recently headed up to Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q in Marietta. Although I had eaten there many times when I worked in suburban Atlanta, it had been years since my last visit to this establishment.

Since the last time I had been there, the restaurant had expanded, so I suppose business is very good. This time, we both ordered the pulled pork dinner (two sides), and it was all you can eat for the same price. I had the baked beans and coleslaw, while K. went with the green beans and onion rings.

Our dinners arrived quickly, we tucked into the pork. The meat itself was pulled into small pieces, and it had a delicious smoked flavor. Overall the quality and taste of the entree was outstanding. I would like to talk about the sauce a bit more. Generally, I prefer more vinegary sauces, and this one had some sweetness to it which I usually don’t like all that much relatively speaking. But there was something about this sauce. It’s like crack cocaine. I’m mostly a light eater these days, but I availed myself of another heaping helping of the cue. It’s gotta be the sauce. So, even though I would have thought the sauce would be a minus, it turned out being a big plus. They have there own brand of hot sauce to supplement things too. Big thumbs up there.

As for the side, they were mostly passable without being outstanding. I did like the coleslaw, though it was a bit on the dry side. I don’t know that I’ve ever had baked beans that impressed me either with their goodness, or their badness. Overall, the sides were average, but I won’t let that detract from the score too much since the main attraction was so good.

Overall grade: B+. Great meat. Pedestrian sides. Crack-like sauce.

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