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I’m sure that it looks like I’ve abandoned this space entirely, but that is not the case. While I have been very busy with work of late, I have been kicking around quite a few ideas on how to improve the site. And it’s time to begin implementing them. While my schedule is still hectic, watch this space for a number of (what I think will be) improvements over the coming weeks.

Some of these changes will be visual. More of them will be editorial. And, I hope, all of them will be welcome.

UPDATE: As part of these changes, I’m instituting an editorial calendar, devoting certain days to particular themes. As you see above, Monday will now be about music. Other themes that will emerge with their own theme days will be Food & Drink and Sports. I’d imagine, some sort of politics will creep in, and I may even blog about workish things.

Of course, if I see something that interests me, I’ll still pass it along, but by assigning certain days of the week to certain topics, I hope to create more thought-out posts and a depth of content that only occasionally appeared here. If anyone has suggestions on what I should be holding forth about, just drop a note in the comments. Stayed tuned for Music Mondays, and Food and Drink Wednesdays (bbq, scotch, and dirt bar reviews)! And sports seems like a good Friday activity since it will be a good wrap-up look forward to the weekend with a certain cup final coming up. Tuesday and Thursday are open now, and I’ll just be a lazy sot on the weekends still.

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