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Last night, Editors opened their U.S. tour at the Roxy here in Atlanta. I didn’t even realize they were coming to town until last weekend, but I’m happy to have made it to the show.

Opening for them were local band, The Futurists, and Lake Trout, from Baltimore. The Roxy keeps on a pretty strict time schedule apparently, so I ended up totally missing The Futurists. I did manage to hear most of Lake Trout’s set. Whoever was running the board, however, didn’t do a very good job as the vocals and lead guitar were, for the most part, totally obscured by drums and bass (I can’t imagine that was the sound they were going for). The result was a very muddy sound for all but one of their songs. The one song that came through clearly, I liked. Maybe it was the Frank-Black like yelping. In any case, I’m going to reserve judgement until I hear an mp3 of theirs or two.

Strangely, the show didn’t seem to be sold out, as there was still some room around when Editors took the stage, and the balcony was closed. All I have to say is a lot of people missed out on a great, if too brief, show. For those of your familiar with their music, their stage presence was nothing at all like I expected. Instead of sticking right in front of the mic and making little movement (like Ian Curtis for example), these guys were all over the place on stage. They really reminded me of the antics of the Psychedelic Furs in their prime.

Oh, yeah, the music. For the first show of their tour, they were amazing tight and ripped through most of the songs from their album, The Back Room. They even played two or three new songs that may be on their next album (I can’t be sure about the third). Once they had completed their set, they had played all but one song that I had heard before, so I can’t really blame them for the brevity of the show. The encore (“Bullets”) was electric and really got the crowd moving even more than they had been before.

Final assessment? This show did nothing to shake my belief that The Back Room is the album Interpol’s second album should have been.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the show that are worth posting here. The light show played havoc with my camera phone (it was cool though), and I neglected to bring a proper digital camera.

ASIDE: Dear Dilettante in Distress, if you read this and you don’t have their album yet. Go. As quickly as possible. I’m pretty darned certain you won’t be disappointed.

NP: “All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace!” – Sufjan Stevens

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