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File this under I don’t believe it. Warrick Dunn has joined a long list of other fan favorites. Dunn was released by the Falcons today.

Long time readers know I don’t pay much attention to American Football, but the major moves being made by the Falcons lately have attracted even my attention. Sure, Dunn may be past his prime a bit, but the guy has been such a pillar of the community here in Atlanta, I’m still wrapping my head around it a bit. Don’t they think he could hang around and mentor some of the running backs at least. To me, this looks like housecleaning going a bit too far. This is not a move the Braves would have made. (Though, the Patriots on the other hand….) So there goes a little bit more goodwill for the team in the community. And I can guarantee the interest in the Falcons will return to almost nil once again. Thank God for the EPL.

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