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It’s that time of year again. When normally somewhat sane people get all geeky over baseball and participate in countless fantasy baseball drafts across the country. I’m no exception. My league had its draft on Sunday, and I handled my beer bitch duties with great aplomb (I had to deliver drinks because I finished next to last last year and the last place team didn’t return). Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my picks:
  • C – Kenji Johjima
  • 1B – David Ortiz
  • 2B – Marcus Giles
  • 3B – Aaron Boone
  • SS – Michael Young
  • OF – Carlos Lee
  • OF – Juan Pierre
  • OF – Vernon Wells
  • UTIL – Aubrey Huff
  • SP – Ben Sheets
  • SP – Felix Hernandez
  • RP – Eric Gagne
  • RP – Todd Jones
  • P – Curt Schilling
  • P – Jeremy Bonderman
  • P – Oliver Perez
  • BN – Matt Clement
  • BN – J.D. Drew
  • BN – Aaron Rowand
  • BN – Horacio Ramirez
  • BN – Kevin Youklis
Hopefully, this team will avoid the injury bug that plagued my squad last year (with the understood excpetion of J.D. “DL” Drew).

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