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I really wasn’t kidding, although this probably will count as a 1.75 or something like that. I’m quite pleased that my tweaks didn’t break every goll-darned thing! Of course I know that there are a few things that need working on:
  • The font size looks bigger to me… I’ll knock it down a notch unless my parents and any 50+ readers complain
  • I’d also like to have everything centered. Is this an issue?
  • Google Ads? I have space for them now. Yes? No? Strong opinions either way?
  • Any other gadgets you’d like to see?
  • Search, etc., at the far right… or left?
I know I have some very web-savvy readers (all them equalling about 10% of my audience), what do you think?

Of course if I decide to migrate to WordPress, I’ll have to to this all over again.

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