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According the my profile, I listened to the following music the most last week:
  1. Neko Case
  2. Pulp
  3. Echo & the Bunnymen
  4. The Replacements
  5. The Futureheads
  6. The Pixies
  7. Sonic Youth
  8. The Pogues
  9. Saint Etienne
  10. Ted Led & the Pharmacists

I think I can safely say that the only place you’ll see some of those bands next to one another would be in this list.

Now for another view into my music library. Here are 10 songs drawn totally at random from my iPod:

  • Senior Breakdown – The Soundtrack of Our Lives
  • Angel is the Devil – Steve Earle
  • Dumb – Nirvana
  • Walking with a Ghost – The White Stripes
  • Gold Lion – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Prison Shoe Romp – Sixteen Horsepower
  • It’s Destiny – Rock*A*Teens
  • Chardonnay – Game Theory
  • Same Way of Saying – Pavement
  • Gloria – Patti Smith

NP: “Tralala” – Lush

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