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According to my profile, I listened to the following music the most last week:
  1. Blur
  2. Swervedriver
  3. Wilco
  4. The Charlatans
  5. Afghan Whigs
  6. Supergrass
  7. The Boo Radleys
  8. Modest Mouse
  9. The New Pornographers
  10. Neko Case
To provide a more balanced view, here are 10 songs drawn totally at random from my music library:
  • Ray Ray Rain – Bettie Serveert
  • Suit of Lights – Elvis Costello & The Attractions And Confederates
  • Fever Dream – Iron & Wine
  • Dance Of The Seven Veils – Liz Phair
  • Honey White – Morphine
  • It’s Great To Be Here Again! – The Posies
  • Babies – Pulp
  • Holland – Sufjan Stevens
  • Our Days In Kansas – Tullycraft
  • Say Can You See – Wilderness
My iPod is obviously thinking of the Dilettante in Distress.

And one more thing. Here’s something odd and fascinating—a banjo version of “O Fortuna!” from Carmina Burana: Sandy Bull – Carmina Burana Fantasy. Spooky.

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