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I just flew in from New Jersey last night. I was up there for business the last three days, hence my lack of posts. The work was tiring and busy. The food was very Italian (and good), and I managed to make it into Manhatten one night with co-workers for some play time. All in all I’m glad to be back. (I did wave at the Oranges on the way back to Newark International though Krista.)

But I am here just in time for the Friday music report. So without further ado, tells me that I listened to the following music the most last week:
  1. Pavement
  2. The Charlatans U.K.
  3. Wilco
  4. Echo & the Bunnymen
  5. The Wedding Present
  6. The Spinto Band
  7. Blur
  8. My Morning Jacket
  9. Pulp
  10. Elvis Costello
It seems that some old favorites made their way back onto the list. Just add the Clash, and you could probably find my favorite five bands over the last 15 years or so.

To give a more balanced view of what’s in my music collection, here’s 10 songs chosen completely at random by an iTunes smart playlist:
  • “Heart of Darkness” – Mission of Burma
  • “Burn that Broken Bed” – Iron & Wine and Calexico
  • “A Torch” – Sarge
  • “Ballad of the Band” – The Charlatans U.K.
  • “Blue Light” – Bloc Party
  • “Free Money” – Patti Smith
  • “Play It All Night Long” – Warren Zevon
  • “U Boat” – Kasabian
  • “I Never” – Rilo Kiley
  • “I Slept with the BonHomme at the CBC” – Broken Social Scene
NP: “I Want You to Stay” – Maximo Park

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