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No, I haven’t taken leave of my senses. I’m fully aware that this is Thursday, but since I’ll be travelling up to the sticks tomorrow, I thought I’d get this out of the way early (rather than late). According to my profile, I listened to the following artists the most last week.
  1. Wilco
  2. Death Cab for Cutie
  3. Bettie Serveert
  4. Blur
  5. The Clash
  6. The Replacements
  7. Broken Social Scene
  8. Pulp
  9. Echo & the Bunnymen
  10. The Damned
I can too go a week without listening to the Charlatans U.K. (even though they have a new album out).

NP: “Let Love Note Weigh Me Down” – Ed Harcourt

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