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Things are finally getting back to normal, save for work, which has been a bear lately. But at least I have time to put together my weekly music report. Of course, does most of the work on that score for me anyway. Without further ado, here are the artists I listened to the most last week:
  1. Bettie Serveert – Many thanks to Manny for supplying some Bettie Seveert that I’d long been seeking. Their VU covers had me hooked early, and their original work certainly doesn’t dissappoint.
  2. British Sea Power – Fresh off their lofty appearance in my year end list, I can only hope that they’ll be returning to Atlanta soon.
  3. The Charlatans U.K. – These guys don’t get nearly enough credit for making such good music for such a long time.
  4. The Wedding Present – Coming soon to the Earl. I’d better get off by duff and buy tickets.
  5. Swervedriver – My iPod loves this band almost as much as I do. I don’t seem to go a day without hearing something by them.
  6. Sigur Rós – Takk would be higher on my top 20 of 2005 if I were starting it right now. It’s the perfect music to work, read, or chill to.
  7. The National – What’s to say. The National rock.
  8. Echo & The Bunnymen – Is their self titled disc out of print. I can’t seem to find it anywhere (legally or otherwise).
  9. Superchunk – Just what you need, when you really need to get going.
  10. Lou Reed – Lou is never unwelcome in my daily listening.
NP: “Sundazed to the Core” – Bettie Serveert

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