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Wow, this is a first. According to my profile, I didn’t listen to any particular artists more than twice last week. Maybe my music library has reached critical mass for a music report like this powered by shuffle. On second thought, that’s probably not very likely since I heard two consecutive Echo & the Bunnymen songs while on shuffle yesterday.

In reality, I was too busy at work last week to listen to much music while editing proposal after proposal [Ed. note: get this boy on a project quick]. For those of you keeping track though, here are the artists I heard more than once last week:
  • Idlewild
  • Wilco
  • The Posies
I don’t know if I could pick more disparate bands from my collection. Well maybe throwing Loretta Lynne in there would make it more eclectic. Now, for a preview of next week. Based on a comment from the Dilettante in Distress on my last music report, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Wrens. Could they turn up in the next report. Tune in next week to find out, and perhaps I’ll even drop a long distance dedication on you.

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