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Even though I no longer live a block from Ponce de Leon Avenue [Ed. Note: pronounced Pawntz dee Lee-on] here in Atlanta, it’s still my favorite street, and it bisects my favorite ‘hood in the city (I did live there for almost 10 years after all). So, if anyone wants to check up with what’s going on down on Ponce, make sure you check out the new addition to the blogroll, I Saw It on Ponce. He’s currently featuring the some crazy doings at The Usual®, and The Willy Terry Story (Bicycle Pants Man), first featured here last November.

I was reminded of this gem by a story on Atlanta bloggers in Creative Loafing. I also would highly recommend PeachtreeScreed, but the proprietor is sadly moving to New York. Finally, lest I be accused of being remiss, another blog featured in the article, Cable and Tweed, is as good a music blog as there is.

NP: “The X-Files Theme” – Spiritualized

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