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I’m officially missing.

I’m not talking about my lack of updates to the blog either. Nope. This is more official than that.

A friend informed me yesterday that the official newsletter for my alumni class lists me as missing. Now, on one hand, this isn’t very surprising for a number of reasons. I moved last fall, I ditched my land line in favor of going entirely mobile, and I haven’t given money to my alma mater for quite a while (almost never… the 20-odd thousand a year they received in my name for four years should be enough).

On the other hand, this surprises me a lot in this day and age. Hasn’t whoever is in charge of this newsletter ever heard of the Interweb? All you have to do is google my name, and low and behold, this site is the first result. My resume, which lists the university and my graduation year? The second result.

Even worse, I still receive actual mail from the general alumni office, and my information is correct in their alumni-connections database, including my new address, e-mail address, and phone number.

So, for a quick experiment, I google a classmate that I haven’t seen (nor heard of) since graduation. How long did it take me to find his contact details. About a minute.

I know that I may be a little more comfortable with performing such things online as others since it is intrinsic to my day job, but this is a little ridiculous. Did these people sleep through the 90s? So I suppose I’m only missing through their inaction.

Of course there’s still an upside: they can’t call me begging for money and I don’t have to read about all the things that those classmates I don’t keep in touch with are doing. [Ed. Note: Karma will get you back on the list for slagging on them like this.]

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