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This year’s Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta is officially not going to happen. Now, I’ll have to find something better to do with my time that weekend than:
  • Hang out with thousands of very drunk teenagers from the suburbs generally making asses of themselves
  • Fight crowds to see a band with crappy sound that more often than not turns in a lousy performance (I’m looking your way Bob Dylan)
  • Pay for a three day pass to see four bands on Saturday
  • Deal with the overflow of drunkards as they flow into The Usual®
Seriously though, this is probably a bad thing overall. There are many acts that I probably would not have had the chance to see without Music Midtown, Patti Smith for example. And I have had a lot of fun at past Music Midtowns on balance–losing friends in the crowd only to make new friends, taking Mojo Nixon’s advice despite my intentions, etc.

Organizers cited the cost of the event, but I wonder if attendence has been down because they forced the public to buy tickets for the whole event (at a very large cost) rather than ala carte by day. Just something to think about.

NP: “Obstacle 1” – Interpol

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