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Charlotte, NC*
Prague, Czech Republic
Raphine, VA*
San Francisco, CA*
Healdsburg, CA
Raleigh, NC*
Boston, MA
Fenton, MI
Dayton, OH

The rules: one or more nights had to be spent in a city. Those cities marked with an asterisk (*) were visited multiple times.

While the number of cities is greater than last year, I didn’t travel as much because work didn’t take me out of town very much. On the whole, there was a whole lot of fun travel, including vacations to Prague and Sonoma.

Other landmark trips this year: my friend Erik and Jenny’s wedding in Lexington, Virginia, in July, and a quick turnaround return trip to Virginia to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary a couple weeks later.

All and all, this is the kind of travel year that I’d prefer.

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