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Unlike some, I’ve never really minded Georgia’s current license plates. Georgia, however, never really listens to me, so they’ve unveiled new Georgia license plates for next year (larger image). They certainly didn’t consult me when they retired the Olympic commemorative plates a year after I got one (for the record, I liked them quite a bit). (via metroblogging Atlanta)

Is it just me, or does a blue plate for Georgia just seem kind of odd [Ed. Note: insert southern meat and three joke here]. I mean, blue plates just scream Michigan, Connecticut, or Delaware to me. Maybe that’s just what I got used to during my learning to drive years (and the many long trips from Atlanta back to Virginia (another state that wouldn’t look quite right in anything other than white).

And what’s up with that brown plate. Is UPS now a state sponsor?

NP: “Blue Monday” – New Order

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