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The U.S. team was totally outclassed, and more disturbingly, quit on the pitch in the second half (I won’t get into the gory details, since everyone else seems to be doing that). The question is, with such an uphill (nearly impossible road), what do you do. Attack. That’s the only hope. Arena needs to totally shake up the lineup.

With that in mind, I’d humbly suggest the following lineup (a 3-5-2).

GK: Howard.
Sorry Kasey. You couldn’t have done anything about any of those goals, but your distribution was horrible.

D: Pope. Onyewyu. Bocanegra.
Cherundolo and Lewis were worse than useless.

M: Mastroeni. Reyna. Dempsey. Donovan. Convey.
Beasley needs to learn how to settle the ball. This will be the best attacking lineup in midfield, allowing Donovan to do what he can. Reyna and Mastro play holding roles.

F: Johnson. Twellman (oh wait, crap, he’s at home… McBride then)
Johnson was the only one other than Reyna who looked like he cared yesterday.

Manager: Someone other than Bruce Arena as soon as his contract expires.
Even though he’s been hailed as a wizard at preparation, the team had no plan B yesterday. His only tactic seems to be get an early lead and hold on for dear life.

Will this team be able to beat Italy. Who knows, but I guarantee they won’t quit on the field (or Dempsey will punch them in the face).

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