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Friends. I’ve been sharing socially a lot lately, but nothing much from me.
This year has been hell. I got fired just before Christmas (a first for me) and then hung around for my clients for an extra two weeks. So then, I started my own business, and things were looking great… until March.
Then, COVID-19 erupted. One of my primary clients was a hospital that does great things, but they had to focus on other things–their primary objective after all is taking care of their patients, not marketing. My wife is an NP at another hospital that is leading the charge to fight that thing, so I saw numbers you never saw. And I hate to say it, it’s going to spike again because the initial response was so bungled, and reopening happened way too early. 
And now. The protests against America’s original sin. I’m sad. I’m angry. I want to join. But I also have to stay alive. And that is white privilege. Because I can just stay home and when I do go out, I have zero fear. And the plague will spike again.
And unlike Wordsworth, I don’t feel like I can ponder the intense feelings in recollection. So here it goes. If you say all lives matter, there is an implicit “but” following. White privilege, again. 
The world is in flames right now. And what do we see? What we are seeing is straight up ignorance and Fascism. Ignoring science. Weaponizing the police. I know some of them and they are good people, but they are trained to obey orders. Things need to change. And I not going to namecheck my African American friends and colleagues or my police friends either. We white people all need to change. We have to face the fact that our run is over. The future of our country is a rainbow of colors. And that is inherently a good thing.
All we can do is vote this madness away. Nothing will happen overnight, to be sure, but vote for people who represent your values. Vote for people who care.
Can I just go back to St. Mary’s and sit on a rock mid-stream? No. That’s what I really want to be writing about, but as Marvin Gaye said, “What’s going on” [hear the whole thing]. That is the focus for now.
And I can totally imagine Johnny Cash striding in black to Lafayette Park and Joe Strummer singing outside 10 Downing Park right now.

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