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A mystery wrapped inside an enigma shrouded in flannel*

Friends and readers, announcing the return of, and the eponymous blog that birthed it.

Over the last few years, I have have mostly gotten away from regular blogging, and starting up my own business certainly hasn’t helped in that regard.

Now, however, the time is ripe for this return. The site retains the blog, and while I’ll won’t be updating it as often as I did during its heyday, I hope to provide my thoughts on the usual topics at least more regularly than I have been doing for years.

However, as I was creating this new site, it soon became apparent that a blog in and of itself would not capture what I wanted to express. So, I expanded it to account other projects that I am working on that don’t necessarily fall under the work (Rubicon CX) banner so to speak, so I’ve added a section for my ongoing projects as well–from non-work websites to writing to music. There’s now a spot for all those things. And on top of that, this new design is scalable to account for just about anything I want to throw at it.

Feel free to explore and comment where appropriate.

I hope you enjoy this endeavor. –Tim (aka the flannel enigma)

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