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I haven’t driven my car in almost two months. Imagine that if you can. I’ve been without my own little piece of the American dream for almost two months. I still own a car, but it hasn’t moved. Heck, for much longer than that, the main purpose for my car was to get me to the Brewhouse at early hours of Saturdays and Sundays to watch the Arsenal on TV.

So, how am I getting along? Perfectly fine, thank you very much! I take MARTA to work every day without fail (I’m lucky that my employer and my client both live within easy walks of a train station). The time on the train actually works much better than time in a car in getting me ready for my workday. It gets my head right in the same way as reading the paper worked for my Dad. I listen to various podcasts and music on my iPod, and boy, is the people watching ever fun.

Anyone else ready to make the leap?

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