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Saturday night, I went to the new Lenny’s to see Sunset Rubdown. It was my first time in the new Lenny’s and I have to say it was a good place to see a show. It has probably double the capacity of the old bar, and everything is still cleanish (though I’m sure that will diminish over time).

I arrived early since I had a feeling this show would sell out, but as it turns out it didn’t (more on that later). I had plenty of time to swill High Life while waiting for the first band to take the stage (which seemed to take forever). Eventually, however, local band On Hand Loves the Other started its set. They certainly didn’t fit the bill of the usual act at Lenny’s (which is now billing itself as Atlanta’s CBGB’s): the band consisted of two keyboards/synthesizers, a cello, and a lead singer. They had my interest piqued, but in the end the music was way too melodramatic for me and the singer kept singing in a falsetto. I think they’ve probably listened to “Bohemian Rhapsody” a few too many times. A couple of my friends enjoyed them, but they just weren’t my cup of tea.

The next act, Beaver, was a complete shift of gears: very stripped down. I enjoyed this set quite a bit coming to listen with no knowledge of the music whatsoever. Beaver sounded a little like the Moutain Goats with great moments of Mangum-esque sound straight out of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

Then there was the main attraction for the evening, Sunset Rubdown. Originally, a side project of Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade, the group has expanded to include members from Pony Up! and XY Lover. Sunset Rubdown’s sound doesn’t fall far from the tree musically speaking. It’s very similar to Krug’s contributions to Wolf Parade. As for the show itself, I don’t know if I have enough superlatives at my disposal. They rocked and rocked hard (even with an accordian). Spencer Krug is a very talented musician and songwriter. I had only heard a few of their songs before the show, but I definitely enjoyed all the material they played. If you don’t know these guys, I recommend them very highly. This was the best show I’ve seen in quite a while.

On to the attendance. Where were you Atlanta? This show should have been a sellout! The crowd that did show up got a treat though and they showed a lot of energy throughout.

Now, if Wolf Parade would only swing through town.

NP: “Boo” – Pinback

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