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Today, Arsenal face one of their fiercest rivals, Manchester United, for the last time at Highbury, their home since 1913. Next season, they’ll be moving to a new home just up the street, Ashburton Grove (Emirates Stadium). Highbury will be turned into luxury lofts.

Over the last few years, matches between the two teams have been some of the most competitive in English football. So, it’s with a little sadness that this marks the beginning of the end of Highbury in my mind–it’s beginning to seem real, despite seeing pictures of the new stadium as it is being constructed.

Highbury will always have a special place in my heart since it was the first stadium where I saw a competitive match live; Arsenal won that day and my love affair with the team began. I only hope the team begins to send it off a little better than they have been lately, starting with a win today. Go Gunners!

UPDATE: Arsenal 0 – 0 Man United. Not exactly the result I had in mind, as Arsenal’s lack of goal scoring of late is becoming more and more worrying. They absolutely have to be able to win outright at home. Earlier this season, after watching Arsenal lose to Boro in a very uninspiring effort, I said that if they continued to play like that, they would finish mid-table. Well, they’ve played just like that more often than not, and if they don’t improve pretty quickly, there will be no Champion’s League football played in the new stadium next year (and probably no Thierry Henry either).

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