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The house at least. Say hello to Speaker Pelosi.

Sorry Gollum. (Though it’s unimaginable that you were super excited tonight.)

UPDATE: Now the Senate is looking interesting. Go Jim. Go Claire. Go Jon.

UPDATE II: Please Virginia, be sane. Don’t elect Gov. Disney to the Senate again. Here we go. Recounts likely.

UPDATE III: Webb says he wins. Hallelujah! Let the recounts begin. Thank you Richmond.

UPDATE IV: Not so much in Georgia. We did hold a contested seat or two (not sure exactly of the exact numbers since John Lewis [bless him] is my representative.)

FINAL UPDATE: Allen should take the advice of GOP representatives from 2000 and retreat quietly in the political night. Webb won. Get over it. Blue congress!

“The votes are in, and we won”
– Jim Webb

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