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So, it’s the beginning of the NFL season, and you know what? I watched about 5 minutes of the Falcons game on Sunday. That’s it. I have zero interest anymore.

Flash back 25 years. I was crazy for the NFL. The Redskins (horrible name and all) in particular. So what happened? The most obvious culprit is my increasing appreciation of a football game where they actually use their feet (soccer of course). I was definitely more interested in the results of the Euro qualifiers this week than any NFL game, and I’ll definitely be at the Brewhouse on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. for the North London Derby.

But there’s something more to it than that. Living in Atlanta, this summer was Vick 24/7. Honestly, I had been pulling for Vick since he was a college player at Virginia Tech, and now I just feel incredibly let down. Add to that the off-field shenanigans of so many of players, and I’m just officially done with the lot of them. There’s Pac-Man Jones, Mark Chmura, Ray Lewis, and Rae Carruth. I just can’t in good pull for a league that has such unsavory elements any more.

So, to hell with American football. Viva football. And go Gunners just for good measure.

UPDATE: On publishing this, I see that Google is running ads for Arsenal jerseys. I encourage all six readers of my blog to buy one and follow me to the dark side.

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