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With the new year, my thoughts have turned to what’s going on here (i.e., what’s working, what’s not working, and so on), so I thought I throw it to you my readers (however few of your there actually are). This is the time of year for assessment [Ed. Note: I should stop smoking again?], so I thought I would do a little assessemtating or something. Please let me know in the comments which type of posts you liked over the last year (or the life of the blog for that matter), what kind of links you visited, and whether you even noticed the ads.

I need this feedback to further optimize the user eperience here at ye olde Flannel Enigma [Ed Note: and now to you action item man!]. Thank you for your support.

But seriously, any feedback on what I should do more of, should do less of, should avoid like the plaque would be more than welcome. So get to it!

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