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In all the hype surrounding that other baseball milestone, Tom Glavine became the 23rd pitcher to win 300 games last night against the Cubs. He know has joined the ranks of Cy Young, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, and Steve Carlton as a mortal lock for a first-ballot election to the Hall of Fame. And he may be the last man to join that list. Only Randy Johnson seems to have a shot to win 300 games among active pitchers. Reduced pitching work loads today make it unlikely that any young pitcher will be able to put in enough innings a year to achieve this.

Even though he attained the milestone while playing for the Mets, one of my least favorite major league teams, I was happy to have been able to witness it (on television). I have many fond memories of watching him ply his trade over the years here in Atlanta, and he turned in some of the greatest pitching performances that I’ve witnessed live, including the one that may be most remembered and rightly celebrated: his one-hit performance in Game 6 of the 1995 World Series, which earned him MVP honors.

Elsewhere, the AJC has a nice photo essay of Glavine through the years. Also, I proved my abilities as a baseball prognosticator only missing the milestone date by two days (ignore some of the other predictions)

Congratulations Tom!

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