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Continuing my list this week, we enter the top 10. Here are albums 6 – 10 of my 20 favorite albums this year (11 – 15, 16 – 20, honorable mentions).

10. LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem
The minute I heard the first track on disc one, I was hooked. How can you not like “Daft Punk is Playing at My House.” Throughout my summer shuffling, it seemed like every time I’d pick up the iPod to see who was playing the sound I was totally grooving to at the time, it was LCD Soundsystem. Also recommended, “Yr City’s a Sucker.”

9. Sufjan Stevens – Come on Feel the Illinoise
A whole of lot lists have this album at number one with a bullet, and it was easily the most blogged about music of the year. Some people love it. Some people hate it. And don’t get me wrong, this is a great album (top 10 after all), but I don’t put it in my top five (though it could rise or fall a couple of spots depending on my mood.

8. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

The other most blogged about band of the year. CYHSY are quite the Internet success story, parlaying online buzz into something pretty big. This was THE album for a lot of people. It’s too inconsistent to crack the top five, but when it’s on, it’s really on. I look forward to many more good things from them.

7. Kaiser Chiefs – Employment
Anther English import in a year that saw a lot of them. This album didn’t have the hype of Bloc Party’s, but it does what it does very well. What is that you ask? It rocks (even using bits and pieces of an 80s sound, which seems to be so much the vogue these days. Recommended track, “I Predict a Riot,” but there are many that are stand outs (top ten and all that).

6. Spoon – Gimme Fiction
I can’t believe this isn’t a top five album still. This was the toughest decision that I had to make on this entire exercise. Any other year, it could be the best or second best of the year. But that is the nature of such lists. With Gimme Fiction, Spoon continues to deliver the goods. I think this album even improves on their last, Kill the Moonlight. “Sister Jack” may be the best driving song of the year, and who could resist the swagger of “I Turn My Camera On.” There’s really not a weak link on the entire album. Unfortunately, I missed Spoon live, which probably would have been enough to vault the album into the top five.

Next week, I hope to devote a post to each of my top five albums throughout the week, building up to my favorite album Friday week. I’ll have to do something to fill my holiday hours after all.

NP: “Starting Point” – Moose

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