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Happy 20th birthday to the Iran-Contra Scandal (The sale of arms was confirmed by Ed Meese on November 25, 1986). I wonder why this anniversary isn’t being noted as much as, say Watergate? Maybe there are just too many other Republican scandals in the wind right now. Really, what’s the scandal scorecard looking like these days? Even my most rock-ribbed Republican friends would have to admit that the scandals seem to accumulate more under their administrations. I mean really, what have the Democrats got? A blowjob and a couple of pardons? Don’t even start that Whitewater or Vince Foster nonsense either!

Back to Iran-Contra. I remember the hearings on this like they were yesterday, and even then, I was appalled that the executive branch would so flagrantly do an end-run around the constitution. How on earth did so many people avoid incarceration? Oh that’s right, “I don’t recall.”

Funny side note to the whole affair. I went to college with Oliver North’s eldest daughter and son. I even had classes a lot of classes with his daughter since we were both class of ’91 and English majors to boot (both were incredibly nice by the way). On the day of my graduation, as I was walking to the ceremony with my parents, we ran into Oliver North who shook hands with me and my parents. To this day, I have the mental image of the distaste etched on my father’s face as he towered over Mr. North while shaking his hand (North is only like 5’6″ tall and my Dad is 6’2″). Well done Dad!

Yikes! It must be Ronald Reagan week here at Flannel Enigma. [Ed. Note: I never expected to see that sentence here ever.]

NP: “I Wanna Sleep with You” – The Psychedelic Furs
(C’mon, you just knew this one would have to be from the 80s)

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