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Alas, this week I have to rely on my profile to report which music I listened to the most last week, even though it doesn’t count those songs that were played while I wasn’t connected to the Interweb. Why do you ask? My iPod gave up the ghost on Saturday (though it has a appointment in the shop today). In any case, here are the most played artists recorded last week by
  1. Snowden
  2. The National
  3. Simple Minds
  4. Beulah
  5. Afghan Whigs
  6. The Hold Steady
  7. Echo & the Bunnymen
  8. Superchunk
  9. Pavement
  10. Garbage
With any luck, the regular, more accurate music report will return next week–either with a fixed iPod or a new one (even though I’m not really ready to drop that kind of cash, it has become almost indispensable).

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