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I’ve actually been kind of lost the last couple of days without any matches to follow. Thankfully, four teams take the pitch today for the quarterfinals. Since my initial predictions are now shown to be full of bunk, I thought I’d call a “do-over” and pick this weekend’s games.

Argentina vs. Germany
Argentina (please please please) in a classic for the ages. I have never seen a Germany team attack like this one. I still feel like their defense could be prone to a couple of errors on offside traps. I think the Argentines take the day 3-2.

Italy vs. Ukraine
After the most boring football displayed in this tournament thus far in their win over Switzerland, I don’t see Ukraine scoring again, despite their great striker Schevchenko. Italy wins 2-0.

England vs. Portugal
This one is tough. My heart wants to pick England (mostly because I am so familiar with the players from following the EPL), but my head says that Scolari is in their head so to speak. Portugal is a weakened side though due to suspensions from the card fest against Holland (I don’t get that many cards at Christmas). Going with my heart. England 2 – 0 Portugal.

Brazil vs. France
The other monster mash-up of the quarters. Brazil is the trendy pick to win it all, but for some reason, I don’t think they’ll do it. A newly revitalized French squad may be their undoing. Viera was huge against Spain. He remembers what it was like to be dominating. France 3 – 2 Brazil.

Remember, all picks guaranteed to be wrong or your money back.

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