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In January 2020, I left the hamster wheel of big agencies I had been riding for 20 years, and I started, Rubicon CX, my company.

Personal Projects

These are non-business things that I’m working on, including writing I’ve done for other sites and other ideas.

FlannelEnigma: A Blog

The sixth iteration of Flannel Enigma. The usual personal musings and ramblings on a variety of topics: including projects, completed works, and writing in progress


Welcome to the New Flannel Enigma I hope you enjoy. –Tim Truxell (aka the Flannel Enigma) A Brief History This is the sixth iteration of Flannel Enigma, and I think

It's not rocket surgery

Things Everyone Should Do


Tiny Changes Make a Difference

Yes, this refers to the late lead singer of Frigtened Rabbit, who sadly left us by his own hand a few years ago. However, his song has become an organization to help with mental health issues– This refers to everything: most recently to voting but also making yourself heard on things you care about (see


Listen to More Records

In this age of shuffling using Apple Music or Spotify, something has been lost I think. There’s nothing like listening to a good album from beginning to end. Bonus points for non-digital music include the liner notes, which are an art form in and of themselves. Just take a look at the inner sleeve of “Fables of the Reconstruction.”


Read More

My preference is poetry and non-fiction currently, but reading is essential to improving one’s comprehension of the world–and it is fun and rewarding at the same time. I’ll be posting updates on my reading as I go, perhaps with some commentary.

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