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In January 2020, after 20 years of working at larger agencies by and large, I found myself in a new situation for me. I had just been fired from my previous job–a first for me. I didn’t have the stomach at the time to undergo an extensive job search and positions for someone with my experience were few and far between. So I hung out my own shingle as Rubicon CX.

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Rubicon CX World Headquarters

It was an idea that I had long held in the back of my mind, down to the root of the name, but I had never had the push required to make the leap, but here it was. I filed the paperwork with the State of Georgia on 23 January 2020, and Rubicon CX was born. Luckily, within days I had my first client through my network, and I managed to stay mostly busy during a pandemic year, only short of meeting my rosy projections for the year by about 20%, which I consider no small success.

This site is not really meant to rehash my professional activities, but there will definitely be some overlap ( for example. This is more my persona space to natter on about whatever interests me at the time or to showcase non-work activities that I’m working on. To learn more about my company, just clicky the appropriate buttons and links, especially if you think Rubicon CX can provide help.