Completed Projects

A Song for St. Mary’s

A Poetic Map

I am a child of the valley and mountains, eastern variety.

I grew up facing the mouth of the St. Mary’s River gorge in Virginia. Every day for the first 18 odd years of my life, it was there every time I stepped into the yard from the sheltered confines of our house in the Shenandoah Valley. It was right in front of me all the time—even before I even knew it existed.

Even know it is right in front of me, though I live approximately 500 miles south-southwest from it. I have well used topographic map issued by the U.S. Forest Service tacked to my wall right above my head.

This is a celebration.

Current and Ongoing Projects

A Lifetime in Songs

50-ish Years. 50-ish Songs: A Playlist

The rules are simple. One song per year for each year of my life. Maximum of two songs per artist (though I will really try to pick one per artist).

These are the songs from the year of my birth, 1969, that have special meaning to me. Of course, some will be tied to the actual year when they came out.

The earlier recordings, however, don’t work well with this, but there was some great music that come out before I was aware of such things that made an impact on me.

So, there will be a mix of in the moment and me just catching up with things.


A series of poems

For me, the interstate highway, with all of the contradictions that are inherent in such travel, offers a fine subject and metaphor for poetry. What more basic contradictions can one imagine than the difference between movement and stasis, between kinetic and potential energy? I think that a poem should leap into the world, not fully formed, but in a process of genesis, a genesis that is not complete until the poem is, if ever. Fill the poem with kinetic energy and you will fill it with interest and power.

A Call for Change at Washington & Lee University

This site represents a comprehensive content and experience strategy that uses all the tools that Rubicon CX brings to bear from both a user-facing experience, as well as back-end considerations. It was created as a pro-bono project for a group of like-minded alumni from my alma mater. It takes a story driven approach to advocate for change at Washington & Lee University. 

In our current time, we believe that any association with the confederacy will act as a millstone around our University’s neck. Formed in early June 2020, a group of alumni began advocating for change at the University to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity–starting with the name of the school and the confederate baggage it entails.

On a private Facebook group, members have shared many stories have been shared, as well as their letters to the President and the Board of Trustees for the university advocating for this change. And it’s stories and letters like these that will help us to ensure a bright future for the university. These stories and letters form the heart of the content experience strategy.

The experience design was crafted to lead users to these stories, along with additional background information, as well as ways to stay active and involved.

From a systems perspective, a foundational taxonomy for the stories and letters was designed to quickly allow alumni to find who among their peers have already joined. Some content modeling was also developed to launch and design the site on the WordPress platform, including technical plug-ins.

Finally, while not our bread and butter, the visual design was tweaked using the chosen WordPress theme.

Global Football Culture

I’ve acted as a contributor and overall consultation to Global Football Culture.

Why? We believe in the power of quality education and sport to help drive positive change in our communities and around the world. From Division 1 college soccer, to the MLS website (lol), to its work with the Monrovia Football Academy, this game has transcended the barriers of race, religion, age, and gender. Now we want to lead the charge and help inspire the next generation of soccer fans in America, in our communities, and around the world.

The Global FC was started with two goals in mind:

  • To bridge the gap between the niche footballer and the new.
  • To inspire the next generation of football fans in America and around the world.

Read my contribution about Atlanta United

The Content Strategy Alliance

The Content Strategy Alliance (CSA) is an international association for content strategists, UX writers, content designers and other content professionals. We work with like-minded professionals to establish content strategy as a recognized, understood and respected discipline.

Over the past year, I’ve been working with the CSA to aid in its efforts to advance the field of content strategy.

In this capacity and given my 20+ years experience, I’ve helped define standardized processes, templates, and example deliverables to help budding content strategists and generally advance the quality of their work across the board.